Hello and Welcome to the PLIM site ! Pioneer since 2009, PLIM offers innovative organic alternatives regarding menstruation, feminine protection, urinary leakage and incontinence. PLIM is committed to the well-being of women and the respect for their intimacy.

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      Cup Lunacopine size 1

      The cup size no.1 is best suited to you if you: - have a light to moderate flow - are under 30yrs. - have a tight or narrow vagina - have never had children by natural means (birth canal). - do a lot of sport and your vagina is tight and toned.   The cup comes in several colours. The colours are made using natural food-colorants and are therefore...

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      Geisha Balls

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      Reduced price!
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      Female urination device GoGirl

      The GoGirl is a female urination device (sometimes called a FUD) that allows you to pee while standing up. It's neat. It's discreet. It's hygienic.

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      Love box

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    periods or menstruation


    Advice for women during their periods or menstruation



    Advice for maternity and moms



    Advice for urinary leakage and incontinence

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