Reusable cloth pads, an alternative to disposable period products

Pioneer since 2009, PliM offers innovative organic alternatives regarding menstruation, feminine protection, urinary leakage and incontinence. PliM is committed to the well-being of women and the respect for their intimacy.

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    Incontinence pads COMFORT - men - PliM

    The first men's highly absorbant, natural and washable incontinence pad - for moderate incontinence Level 3 in the plim M.A.N. range for daily or occasional moderate urine leakage. Top anatomical design providing a high level of protection: the cotton we use is very soft, enables you to move freely & suits all sizes. ​​Very comfortable: made in soft...

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    Plim'Hom AISANCE​

    The most anatomical and natural men's incontinence pad - for moderate incontinence​. The FREEDOM's anatomical shape has been specially designed for men. It gives better protection and greater peace of mind for moderate incontinence. ​A top anatomical, comfortable and discreet design: the cotton we use is very soft and has a pleasant flannel-like feel on...

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    Night and relaxation mask flannel

    A mask to sleep, relax, relax, relieve congestion, défatiguer eyes ... and play! Comfort, softness and aesthetics! you will not see your pretty eyes but a pretty organic cotton interior any soft fleece hemp and cotton organic and soft feel eyes flannel organic cotton. These small masks fleece hemp and organic cotton are used at different...

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    Menstrual Cup Lunette size 1

    The alternative to tampon. An intravaginal system, practical, ecological and economical! The size is the smallest one and is recommended in the following cases: your flow is low to medium (3-4 pads per day) you are under 30 you do not have any children vaginally, (or no children) for tonic vaginas , often in sports to vaginas close. Lunette...

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    Menstrual cup lunette size 2

    The alternative to tampon. An intravaginal system, practical, ecological and economical! The size 2 is the largest and is recommended if: you are 30 years, You've had one or more children, for heavy or hemorrhagical flow (6-10 tampons daily) for wide vaginas. Lunette mesntrual cup is certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is platinum...

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    Plim Panty Liner SMART

    For daily use, for slight bladder leakage and vaginal discharge, for use with your menstrual cup, or simply for protecting your favourite lingerie.   For use with all styles of panties, thanks to the double press-stud setting on the wings which enables you to choose the width of the liner. Flow : Length : 16 cm Width of the SMART when fastened: 5 to 6 cm...

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