Our reusable sanitary towels, sanitary pads or menstrual pads offer you total protection. They’re 100% absorbent, 100% waterproof and 100% odour-free and can be used during your moon-time (menses, periods), for vaginal discharge or for urinary incontinence. REAL PROTECTION – they absorb the same amount as do disposable pads of the same size. But they’re far more COMFORTABLE, soft and allow your skin to breathe! You don’t need to change it as frequently as a disposable pad, and you’ll have no unpleasant odours, no irritation and no allergies. The MEDIUM plim – for light days and for the end of your period. The PLUS plim – for average to heavy days. The MAX plim – for nights and for very heavy days. The EXTRA plim - for very heavy flow, when you loose a lot, for moms who have just given birth and for urinary incontinence…

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  • 17,00 €

    Plim Sanitary Towel MEDIUM

    During your period or moon-time and for slight urinary leakage.  Discreet and absorbent.    For lighter days or for the beginning or end of your period.  The double press-stud system allows you to choose the width of your plim towel and also adjust it to your underwear. Flow: Length: 19cm Width of the MEDIUM plim when fastened: 5,5 or 7 cm depending on...

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  • 18,00 €

    Plim Sanitary Towel - PLUS

    For periods or moon-time and urinary leakage. For heavy flow during the day or for average flow at night.   The double press-stud system allows you to choose the width of your plim sanitary towel and also adjust it to your underwear. Flow: Length: 25cm Width of the PLUS plim when fastened: 7 or 8 cm depending on the press-stud used.

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  • 20,00 €

    Plim Sanitary Towel MAX

    For periods or moon-time and for urinary leakage. For use at night, you’ll find this plim will suit you whatever position you sleep in and for very heavy days.  Suitable whatever style underwear you wear. For use during the day if your flow is very to ultra heavy. Flow : Length : 32 cm Width of the MAX when fastened : 8,5 cm.

    20,00 €
  • 22,00 €

    Plim Sanitary Towel - EXTRA

    They’re ultra absorbent and offer you maximum protection. For very very heavy flow, if you feel it’s necessary you can add a LINER for added protection. No more need to get up in the middle of the night to change your pad. For moms who have just given birth, if your period is heavier afterwards or if you still have some discharge. With the plim EXTRA...

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  • 27,00 €

    Sanitary pad for incontinence DELUXE

    Adapted to the average female incontinence. Ideal for days outside, long trips, access to the toilet difficult. Softness Organic Cotton hemp fleece Absorption (natural anti fungal) underwear side waterproof Precious and breathable materials so no odors, allergies, fungal infections, irritation or itching. Elastic Edges on effective anti-leakage edges...

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    Kit Trio Medium Basic

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    Kit Plus Basic

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    PliM Intro Pack

    A pack of breathable and ultra-thin pantyliner for light days and daily leaks throughout the month and moderate to heavy absorbency Pads for leakproof periods protection. 1 SMART: pantyliner with 2 snaps, adjustable for all panties 1 MEDIUM: moderate absorbency pad 1 PLUS: heavy absorbency pad 1 MAX: heavy absorbency pad for night

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    Wonder Woman box

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  • 10,00 €

    organic cotton and hemp Liner

    Additional protection anatomical, very absorbent and soft. By simply placing the LINER on your plim EXTRA or MAX, you increase both the quantity it can absorb and the rapidity of absorption. to hemorrhagic flow postpartum and maternity protection for light to medium incontinence to increase the softness and absorption in baby diapers (baby's skin will be...

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    Gift vouchers

    for yourself, valid for all products on the PliM website Let her choose the products that please her most, those that will be of most use to her and are the right size. Let him choose the right size, with discretion and without taboo. Let him or her make the decision when the time is right for them, with no financial constraint - a friendly gesture from...

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    Winter box

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    Kit ado

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