The protections washable plim for male incontinence

To manage in all serenity and gentleness the lives of men, PliM developed the plim SIMPLY for small losses and plim COMFORT heaviest losses.

And preventative to protect the prostate of men but also for your family PliM propose the only water filter certified which protects you by eliminating from water drinking and cooking water hormones, drug residues and heavy metals.

The age helping, 50% of men aged 50-60 years develop an enlarged Prostate. This should no longer be taboo. A little trick to think eat pumpkin seeds and to massage your prostate It seems it's fun!

Take care of yourself !

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    Plim'Hom SIMPLY

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    Plim'Hom AISANCE​

    The most anatomical and natural men's incontinence pad - for moderate incontinence​. The FREEDOM's anatomical shape has been specially designed for men. It gives better protection and greater peace of mind for moderate incontinence. ​A top anatomical, comfortable and discreet design: the cotton we use is very soft and has a pleasant flannel-like feel on...

    21,17 € 24,17 €
    et motifs
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    Incontinence pads COMFORT - men - PliM

    The first men's highly absorbant, natural and washable incontinence pad - for moderate incontinence Level 3 in the plim M.A.N. range for daily or occasional moderate urine leakage. Top anatomical design providing a high level of protection: the cotton we use is very soft, enables you to move freely & suits all sizes. ​​Very comfortable: made in soft...

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    drap de lune - alèse

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    for yourself, valid for all products on the PliM website Let her choose the products that please her most, those that will be of most use to her and are the right size. Let him choose the right size, with discretion and without taboo. Let him or her make the decision when the time is right for them, with no financial constraint - a friendly gesture from...

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    Anal Organic relaxing by Divinextases

    The essential oils act as a natural dilator letting you fully enjoy anal penetration. 0% Paraben0% PEG0% Phénoxytanol0% Coloring agent0% Palm oil Made in France - Compatible sextoys Pump bottles, 1.7fl oz or 50ml.

    18,33 €
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items