Plim Panty Liner SMART

For daily use, for slight bladder leakage and vaginal discharge, for use with your menstrual cup, or simply for protecting your favourite lingerie.


For use with all styles of panties, thanks to the double press-stud setting on the wings which enables you to choose the width of the liner.

Flow : flux faible

Length : 16 cm

Width of the SMART when fastened: 5 to 6 cm depending on the press-stud used.


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You’ll love its small, thin and discreet design. The SMART panty liner will protect your underwear and will keep you feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. You’ll also feel confident and protected.

It is made from breathable fabric which means you can wear it every day without having to worry about odours, allergies, yeast infections, irritations or itchiness.

At last – a comfortable panty liner that is discreet and effective.


Our plims are organic... very gentle on your skin, for your body and for our planet.

les serviettes hygiéniques plim sont en coton bioUltra soft cotton.  Our plims are made using certified organic cotton


The upper (skin-side) layer is made using a very soft organic cotton. Inside, we’ve used an organic cotton layer that is highly absorbent. The bottom (panty-side) layer is made using a water-proof and breathable fabric. The dyes and prints used are certified by “Oeko-tex”, meaning that they do not contain any heavy metals or chemicals that are harmful to your body or to our planet.


plim technologie AIRaOles serviettes hygiéniques plim sont absorbantes et imperméablesles serviettes hygiéniques plim sont micro-aérées et respirantes

How many SMART plims will you need?

- If you use one panty liner per day, 3 SMART plims will be what you need to rotate them (taking into account washing and drying time).

- If you machine wash them: 8 SMART plims are more pratical!

- If you use 2 panty liners a day, you’ll need between 6 and16 SMART plims.


Non-contractual images, the patterns may not be in exactly the same position on the plim as this depends on the way the fabric is cut. 

The drawings and models have been registered.

  • Length17 cm
  • Width7 cm
  • Largeur, une fois clipsé(e)
  • Thickness2mm
  • Weight12 g
  • Certification(s)STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® (uniquement les motifs signalés)
  • Certification(s)Origine France Garantie (AFNOR Cert. 91787)
  • Place of manufactureFabrication Française
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