What are menstrual cups ?

What is the Lunette menstrual cup?


Whatever type of tampon user you are, the Lunette menstrual cup is for you! It's a divine replacement for tampons!

You’ll be seduced by its discretion and comfort and delighted with the fact that you'll need to empty it half as frequently as you change your tampons. Ah ha! You’ll be smiling when you see your rubbish bin is empty and smells so much nicer and when you realise the saving you make too!



You :

° are hooked on tampons ?  

You’ll never use disposable pads, they’re so uncomfortable!!

It’s important to know that dry tampons are not ideally suited to the vagina and mucus membrane and that the direct contact of the tampon with the cervix can often cause “contractions” of the uterus… and therefore pain!

Using a tampon all the time is not the healthiest option for the vagina. Think about using a plim from time to time! It’s very soft and comfortable and will give the vagina a welcome break… at the end of your moon-time or at night for example!


° use tampons because you have to? Because you’re going to the pool or to the beach!

Think again! First of all, you don’t have to use a tampon when you swim – one’s flow is very light or completely stops when we swim… Just remember to be aware when you get out of the pool. Don’t worry – you have a swimming costume on, and your flow will never suddenly flow like a water fall as you get out.

Secondly, the chlorine and everyone else’s urine may be absorbed by the tampon together with the water when the tampon expands!


° alternate the use of tampons with pads?

Eureka you’ve got it! The best solution for you, your body and your comfort is to alternate plim pads with the menstrual cup! Now you know it all!


Don’t use tampons all the time and don’t use them when swimming!


The alternative… the menstrual cup ... everyone’s talking about it!

It’s one of the best alternatives - it’s ultra comfortable, ecological and economical.



icone goutte bleu de plim  Comfortable and hygienic


° It's a small cup that collects your blood from inside and that you insert in the vagina by folding it. Fold it, insert it, take it out, empty it and re-use it.


Neither dyes nor chemicals are used. However tampons contain perfumes and bleaching chemicals.

° Soft and flexible, it'll adjust to your movements and inner anatomy and respect the shape and size of your vagina. It's ideal for active women and sports women and is particularly suited for swimming…


° Suited to your anatomy and your menstrual flow : despite its somewhat wide appearance, it’s just as wide as your vagina and 2 sizes are available to best suit your flow. 

What size should I choose ? 

° 100% Safe. It is made of medical-grade silicone, used frequently in the medical field. Therefore no problems, no allergies, no dry mucus membranes, no yeast infections.

° Effective.  There are no leaks – it fits snugly against the walls of the vagina… (any leaks are due to a wrong fit/position or to using the wrong size cup).


° Practical. It can contain the equivalent of what 1 and a half or 2 tampons can contain. You therefore need to empty it less frequently than you change a tampon.

° Easy to use. 

It’ll take a short time to get used to it, but it’s not more complicated to use than a tampon. It’s just a question of creating a new habit!




One cup lasts for 10 years!! What more do you need? That’s a long time! You also help by saving on 10 to 20 000 tampons and pads that you throw away without even a thought and they can’t be recycled...


icone goutte bleu de plim Economical

30 € = 10 years, or 3 € per year, that means almost nothing!

For tampon lovers... you’ll use on average 1 box of tampons per cycle, at 3 € per box x 13 cycles = 39 € per year... you’ve paid off the cup in 9 months!

icone goutte rose de plim  Other reasons for choosing the cup

It contains nobleaching chemical/no chlorine, no perfume and it does not dry out the mucus membrane. It does not touch the cervix and so there are no "contractions" and therefore less pain and cramping.

It’s important to know that the cup has been around for 30 years, and that it has been made out of medical-grade silicone for the past 10 years… American, Australian, Canadian and Scandinavian gynaecologists recommend it to their patients… but in France? Yes, as usual, France is on average 10 years behind.


Why choose Lunetteinstead of the other brands available ?


There are 5 brands available. They are all excellent – the most important thing is to have one of them… We’ve tested them all for you and the Lunettecup is our favourite… but there’s no other ulterior motive!


The Lunettecup is one which is particularly soft and flexible. Its flat antenna is long and therefore is suited to a wide range of women. It has larger holes than other cups, placed higher up, just below the rim designed to evacuate the air and thus avoid a suction effect. The ridges around the base of the cup are best designed to make it easy to take hold of. It is very easy to wash – the blood does not get stuck in the antenna because it has been blocked, and there is not logo or writing imprinted on the cup to house bacteria or make cleaning the cup difficult.


And that’s not all – it’s made in Finland! Another reason we like it!



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