How to choose your menstrual cup


How to choose the right sized men ?

coupes menstruelles lunacopine


You have a choice of two sizes

The shape and size of theLunacopinemenstrual cup allows each and every woman to use the right cup according to her needs.

(You can choose which size you feel is right for you, the following information is given as an indication).

The Lunacopinemenstrual cups are soft and flexible.

Choosing the size of your cup does not always depend on whether you’ve given birth or not. Although when giving birth, the muscles, etc. making up the pelvic floor are stretched, they can regain their elasticity and firmness again and quite quickly with the help of various exercises, etc. Choosing your cup should ideally depend on your menstrual flow. If your muscles are no longer firm and elastic, you should possibly select size 2 when choosing your cup.


Size 1

Dimensions of the Lunacopine size 1:
diameter: 41 mm
total length: 47 mm
volume: 25 ml
length of the antenna: 25 mm

> Order the menstrual cup size 1


Size 2

Dimensions of the Lunacopine size 2 :
diameter: 46 mm
total length: 52 mm

volume: 30 ml
length of the antenna: 20 mm

> Order the menstrual cup size 2


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