Small bladder weakness and incontinence: learn more.

All about bladder weakness and incontinence.

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Incontinence, taboo subject in our society is defined as the involuntary loss of urine
We do not dare talk about it, and yet it would affect between 3 and 3.5 million people in France
Public opinion assimilates the elderly, however, be aware that it also concerns other generations; 30% of women over 30 years old and 5% of men after 40 years.

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Our advice for women who use panty liners.

femme et bulles

  • for everyday use and for protecting your good lingerie,
  • for comfort and serenity, the panty liners help you avoid small inconveniences caused by vaginal discharge or slight urinary leakage,
  • for used together with a menstrual cup, just in case !

For those of you who wear panty liners everyday, it’s as if you’re wearing plastic… your skin can’t breath… your skin becomes sensitive and your vaginal flora suffers.

Ask your gynaecologist. And think about wearing plim panty liners in future. And if you think some more: Do you really need to wear panty liners every day?

That is of course unless you’re under medical supervision, have slight urinary incontinence, etc. It’s important to be conscious about what you do and not to let your habits take over.

  •  If you wear g-strings or panties with narrow gussets, try our MINI plims :MINI
  • For all other styles of panties during your periods or for urinary leakage, try our SMART plims :SMART

You have chosen the model that suits you and your needs best? Now, how many do you need?

- 3 panty liners : if you hand wash or machine wash every evening… and don’t need to change your panty liner during the day.

- 6 panty liners : if you have to change your panty liner during the day, or just in case and if you hand wash or machine wash every evening.

- 8 panty liners if you don’t change your panty liner during the day and prefer not to hand wash, but machine wash only once a week. If you machine wash more often, buy as many as you need in-between washes and add 1 additional panty liner, for the day the others dry.

- 16 panty liners : if you have to change your panty liner during the day, but don’t hand wash or only do one machine per week. If you machine wash more often, buy as many as you need in-between washes and add 1 additional panty liner, for the day the others dry



Our advice for women during their periods or menstruation.


It would, in fact, be more poetic to say “for women during their moon-time!” Yes, as women, the moon has an influence on us and our menstrual, or lunar, cycles!

As a rule, panty liners are useful for the start or end of your period when your flow is lighter, or for use with a menstrual cup. And in this case, one would generally use the  plim SMART .

During the day :

The MEDIUM plim sanitary towel (for all panties, light to medium flow)

The PLUS plim sanitary towel(for all panties, medium to heavy flow)

At night :

The MAX plim sanitary towel(medium to heavy flow)

The EXTRA plim sanitary towel(Very heavy flow)

Our calculations are based on the fact that you “quickly” hand wash your plims and then machine wash them all at the end of your period. Therefore buy the number of plims you need for 2 days – for example, 3 to 6 for daytime use and 2 for night-time.


What is your flow like on the heaviest day of your period :

1- You wear a sanitary towel, tampon or other almost all day, one or two per day is enough for you, and you change them out of habit mostly, or for comfort-sake, but rarely because it’s full or saturated. You have a  light flow.

 2 SMART , 4  PLUS, 2 MAX .

2- You change your sanitary towel, tampon, etc. every 4 hours or so, sometimes for comfort-sake but often because they’re full or saturated.

You have a medium flow.

  2 SMART, 6 PLUS, 2 MAX


3- You have to change your sanitary towel, etc. every 2 hours, and it is full .

You have a heavy flow.

  2 MEDIUM, 8  PLUS, 2 MAX

 4- You have to change every hour, and at night, you sometimes have to get up to change or even use 2 sanitary towels, or a tampon and a sanitary towel .

You have a very heavy flow.



In general, my advice is aimed at being aspertinent, economical and easy to use as possible. If you don’t like washing by hand, multiply the suggested quantities above by 3, or machine wash more often during your period

 If you use a menstrual cup and 4 panty liners: that’s good!But you can also use 2 MAX plims and 4 MEDIUM plims or PLUS plims for days when you don’t use the cup or at night... you need to let your skin, etc. breathe! And let it flow! Don’t worry, the plims are so much more comfortable than the disposable sanitary towels, you won’t have any problems in wearing them during the day, at night or at the end of your moon-time. Give them a try!


Our advice for maternity and moms.




will be your best friend! It’s soft and comfortable, highly absorbent, water-proof and lets your skin breathe.

After giving birth, your flow may be changeable in both the quantity and the time it lasts.


We therefore suggest aminimum of 3 EXTRA which will allow you to use 1 per day, while the 2nd one dries and still have a 3rd one if you need it.

Ideally, we would suggest 6 EXTRA2 per day and you’ll still have the time to let them dry (they’re highly absorbent and therefore take longer to dry).
If you’re thinking about buying washable diapers for your little ones, we suggest using the liners provided, together with your EXTRA they’ll absorb even more. You’ll therefore only need to change the liner 1 to 3 times a day. Therefore, 3 EXTRA should suffice.
You can also order our LINERS (on average 6 in total when using 3 per day).


Our advice for incontinence.


- Do you need day-time protection for a few drops ? Just in case ?

You have slight urinary leakage : TheSMART panty liners are ideal for you. You might also prefer the MINI panty liners when wearing a panty with a narrow gusset, or alternatively, the MEDIUM, which is more absorbent


- You’ve already had some small accidents? Or, the W.C. is sometimes just too far to get to in time, you can’t find it fast enough when you’re out, or you have slight leakage but can control yourself until you get to the W.C.?


We therefore suggest you choose :

The MEDIUM or the PLUS

If necessary and to ensure better protection, choose the MAX .

- You’ve had some very embarrassing moments… or you have not been able to control yourself…? You feel embarrassed and anxious, and you need more effective protection just in case and so you remain confident and comfortable.

The EXTRA would be a good solution for you.


- You have regular and uncontrollable accidents and need a highly absorbent protection that will not leak out the sides

The EXTRA would be the best for you.  


You can add a liner, but be careful not to walk too much when it’s saturated and don’t sit down either until you’ve changed.

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Our advice for incontinence for men.




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