All about geisha balls


All about Geisha balls

The geisha balls today are very successful following the publication of the famous bestseller "50 Shades of Grey". But far beyond the aspect of "rogue", they can be used in the perineal and pelvic rehabilitation as it is now proven to allow muscles to recover tone and strength.

     blue geisha balls          red geisha balls          blue geisha balls          red geisha balls         blue geisha balls       

Ideal for:

- Have a toned perineum

- Preventing the risk of incontinence

- Improve your feelings of intimate pleasure 


Summary (The following articles are only available in French for the moment): 

1. To start, let's look more closely at our anatomy 

2. The benefits geisha balls on the perineum

3. How to use Geisha balls?

4. How to choose Geisha balls



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