Who are we ?

Who is plim® ?



A fresh young company started by a dynamic French Mademoiselle full of life!

We’ve been testing our products since the start of 2002; they are well developed and have been through many months and years of research, while still keeping our production local and small-scale.

Capucine is always more than happy to explain what plims are: they’re washable feminine protections. The word “plim” is an acronym coming from the French term “Protections Lavables IntiMes”! 

We’ve taken much pleasure and care to choose fun fabrics to bring you brightness at moments which sometimes are not very easy!

femme crie sa joie d'être Plim


The idea of plims originated in the American Indian culture, where, when a woman has her period she is held in deep respect, particularly by men. On the other hand, in our cultures and some generations back, a woman with her period (or the curse!) was seen to make butter go sour and be the reason for us not being able to make mayonnaise successfully! We were often considered as being impure or soiled…

And nowadays?

With this in mind, our aim is to contribute to giving respect back to women who have their period (or moon-time) in our society. We’d also like to help women to respect themselves and their body and enable them to consider their menstrual blood as life-giving and not just as a painful and taboo time that they are happy to see the end of each month…

Let’s change the way we see things!


In the same vein, we felt it was totally aberrant that there were no soft, comfortable and economical alternatives on the market for accompanying women through taboos such as incontinence and urinary leakage, etc.


In an eco-friendly state of mind, with Nature at the heart of our daily life, this is our way of ensuring that menstrual blood returns to the Earth and that unnecessary waste and pollution is minimised.

We therefore like to think we’re contributing to helping women find total comfort while saving money.


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May your life be more comfortable!

plim® !


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