Global Organic Textile Standard

This international private label was created in 2008 by a working group of the International Association Natural Textile Industry, Soil Association, Organic Trade Association and the Japan Organic Cotton Association. GOTS has been created to harmonize international standards for organic textiles: cotton, wool, silk and hemp. GOTS is the international reference label for organic textiles, including cotton, since 2008. It guarantees the biological origin of the fibers and ensures socially responsible production (application of the principles of the International Labour Organisation) and respectful of environment through the prohibition of certain toxic substances.

GOTS includes ten organizations including Ecocert France.

The GOTS label prohibits:

  • using aromatic or halogenated solvents, chlorophenols, detergents, formaldehyde, GMO, fungicides or biocides
  • heavy metals and dyes containing metals (except copper authorized up to 5% in the blue or green coloring, and iron)
  • PVC for accessories (ex.boutons).

Social criteria are also in accordance with the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). With among others:

  • correct earnings
  • employee rights respected
  • ban on child labor
  • Freedom

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