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Retour produit

Here are two procedures for returning product:

In summary: (details of the procedure below)

The product does not please you, it is different from your expectations, you were mistaken ... It is a withdrawal.
contact us via the contact form
complete the product return form
Details and special cases
possibility of exchange
possibility of reimbursement
in case of bad address entry,
You find a manufacturing fault (eg, the pressure does not close well).
Pursuant to Article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code

For exchanges or refunds; the product must be new in its original packaging, undamaged, unused, unwashed, in its original condition and complete (along with any accessories, manuals and documentation) so that it can be remarketed in new condition.

You have 14 days to form an opinion, to exercise your right of withdrawal without having to give reasons or pay penalties. (As of the receipt home goods or acceptance of the offer for services)
The costs of return / back are your responsibility. Only the price of the product purchased and the shipping costs will be refunded.

The procedures in detail.

1-withdrawal, if you were mistaken .. no worries we are here!

1-1: Beforehand, contact us via the contact form.

Tell us the reason for your choice we can advise and validate the return product.
The plim are some original and sometimes you just need a little guidance.
This procedure avoids the expense of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, as required by law.

1-2: Then fill out the return form product

Once our agreement received by email in response to your message via the contact form. (written proof of receipt of your message).

Fill out the return form product and click "send" ... he went directly into our small files. You can unfortunately not print it, possibly make a screenshot if you want to print it for you or to join the parcel to save time. This form and your message via the contact form replaces and faster sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
Select a package tracking with fitness signature (at your expense)
to avoid long sterile procedures without proof of postage, Plim will not make the refund without having received the parcel.
Send us:
Your or your product (s)
Your name, address, phone and email on plain paper.
A copy of your proof of purchase
In the case of an exchange with a surcharge for you: a check for the additional amount or the date of your bank transfer, add the cost of € 50 or 3 references, otherwise the package will be sent by regular mail.
In the case of a full refund or paritiel by Plim, attach your RIB. Referrals fee will be deducted.
Sent to the following address: Plim Confection - 58 rue Duguesclin - 79170 CHIZÉ  - France

The exchange delays may be 14 days from receipt of your package. Thank you to contact us again beyond if you have not received your product traded.

1-3: Details and special cases

1-3-1: For trade products:

- If the value of the exchange is greater than the amount already paid:

> Send us the amount of the difference by check or bank transfer.

> Remember to add € 3 50 if you want a tracking mail, otherwise it's a sending in simple letter. Plim can not be held responsible if the mail does not arrive to your home.

- If the value of the product in return is less than the value of the product traded,

> Plim publish a voucher valid on the next purchase on the site The voucher may not be recoverable if it is not used fully. (valid for one year).

1-3-2: In case of refund

As required by law - Art. L121-21 and following of the Consumer Code, Plim is liable for repayment of amounts you paid including shipping at no cost, by against your return costs are not borne by Plim.

Repayment is due within a maximum period of 14 days from receipt of your return package.

1-3-3- If returned product, if you have incorrectly entered your address:

Upon receipt of the package in the mail with return to reason: "non-existent address", "no address to this name" or any other reasons for the extension failing to find your mailbox, we will:

Re-expedier the products upon receipt of the return package and a payment by check or by transfer of postage.
You pay if you like, less the shipping cost.
2- Back to manufacturing defect.

Of course we do our best to make our products perfect ... however few oops! plim can happen ... The three months are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. (From the date of purchase).

Despite all our attention, if you find a manufacturing defect:

2-1: Contact us via the contact form
in order to verify that it is a manufacturing defect.

Some problems may arise in the installation of snaps, in this case we get your plim the repair and presto, we refer you to like new!
No further cases have been proven faulty workmanship.
If you see an area a little uncomfortable, thicker, then it may be that the materials inside have just moved. In this case, pass the area between your fingers to stretch and flatten. A kind of palpate-roll of plim. Already try that to date 100% success with this technique.

2-2: If however it is a manufacturing defect,
once we received your written email
fill this "return form to: manufacturing defect"
(click send and share this hop in our small files.)
You can unfortunately not print it, possibly make a screenshot if you want to print it for you or to join the parcel to save time.

2-3: Send us follow in packages with delivery against signature

On plain paper: your name, address, phone and email (or use the screenshot of the return form)
Copy of proof of purchase
Your product, washed, clean and dry.
Sent to the following address: Plim Confection - 58 rue Duguesclin - 79170 CHIZÉ - France

Your plim will be redirected repaired or exchanged in a time of 14 days.

To apologize for the inconvenience we offrions a small gift that will compensate your return postage.

PliM engagement limit and guarantees

Products are tested for over 10 years. The plim successfully proved their efficiency strength and durability.

Leaks and wear of plim are not covered by warranty.

Respecting our INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE AND MAINTENANCE The plim ensure you comfort and wellbeing with confidence.

In some cases acidity can damage losses waterproof and breathable membrane or discolor the fabric top and without liability for Plim in a manufacturing defect.

We propose in this case pieces of waterproof and breathable membrane that you can sew on your plim to maintain a seal and keep using your plim.

For this, we charge the piece of waterproof and breathable 3 € that is sent by regular mail to your address. We just have to know the size of your plim. Send us a message via the contact form.

Simply cut around your old plim in the fabric that we have sent you to sew with a small hem and drill 2 holes for the pressure.

Sending for exchange or refund at your own risk, if you send by regular mail not followed, Plim can not be held responsible in case of non receipt. And we will ensure our good faith and yours. If you prefer, it is best to send your products by mail tracking.

Similarly shipments Plim will be simple mail without possible claims for non receipt if you wish to follow up letter, thank you to add a check or transfer 3 € 50 to your shipment. Good faith should be put of course! And these measures are intended to prevent overloads costs and administrative work.

In any event, the client receives the legal guarantee on eviction and hidden defects (Article 1625 and following of the Civil Code). Provided that the purchaser makes the proof of hidden defect, the seller must legally repair all the consequences (art.1641 and following of the Civil Code); if the buyer goes to court, it must do so in a "promptly" after the discovery of the hidden defect (article 1648 of the Civil Code).

You can contact customer service: Monday to Friday at phone no: +33 (a call to a mobile price) or by email at info (at)

Hoping that our products satisfy your desires, needs and requirements, do not hesitate to send us your constructive comments.

For your life to be more Sweet! Plim!

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