The plim: Sanitary napkin and sanitary towels made in organic cotton

What is a plim® ?

Our plimsare revolutionary reusable sanitary towels. They’re comfortable,highly effective, practical, easy to use, ecological and economical, and they bring colour and joy into your life!

With plim you’re sure to feel care-free.


icone goutte rose de plim  They’re comfortable

° They’re ultra soft, thanks to the hypo-allergenic cotton fabrics we use. No more skin irritations*.

° They’re light and thin - less than 3mm thick and weigh less than 20gr for the medium size.

° They’re super absorbent and leave you feeling comfortable and dry – no more feeling wet and sticky.

° We use fabric that lets your skin breathe! No more hassles with perspiration and no more bacterial infections or unpleasant odours!

* when used in normal conditions and only if you’ve had no previous problems with usual textiles and fabrics.

 icone goutte bleu de plim They’re effective 

° We use highly absorbent fabrics and special sewing techniques to ensure there’s no leaking on the sides (there is always a slight possibility that a little may occur, just like with the disposable ones, simply be sure to choose the best size and model suited to your flow, etc.)

° Optimal security, thanks to an outer layer that is water-proof, while still allowing your skin to breathe.

° Our panty liners and sanitary towels fasten to your underwear using one or two press-studs on the wings ensuring they won’t slip. No more sticky residues from the glue used on disposable panty liners and sanitary towels!

° You can bring out your good lingerie again! No more need to use your old underwear when you have your period!

They’re easy to use  

° The press-studs enable you to wrap up the plim (by folding to front and back inwards, followed by the wings). The outer waterproof layer wraps the plim up to protect the inside (which should remain clean) or to protect your handbag or wherever you put it (once used and while waiting to wash it). You can keep your plim discreetly and neatly in a bag or pocket.

° Several sizes are available depending on your flow, the width of the gusset in your underwear, or the intended use.

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For incontinence, urinary leakage, after childbirth or when potty training your little ones, find out more about our big sizes.

Help to choose your sanitary towels

° Our products are easy to wash. Machine wash them at 30° to 40° with the rest of your washing, or if necessary, soak them in cold water to remove the blood easily. In any case, the blood will not stain the rest of your laundry.

washing instructions 

It’s also important to remember that your menstrual blood is not ‘dirty’! It’s healthy blood that does not coagulate. The only bacteria present are those that make up your vaginal flora… so they’re the good type. For more information, see our guide

All about menstrual blood


They’re eco-friendly


° Whether you wash them by hand or by machine, there’s no wasted water; when you machine wash, they’re washed with the rest of your laundry and a 30° or 40° cycle is still energy saving.

° They’re long-lasting (5 to 10 years) and participate in sustainable development. They reduce the environmental impact; no additional strain on nature or on energy consumption, compared to the high energy required for production of the disposable products on the market.

The fabrics that we use are 90% natural : cotton, hemp, etc. and are certified organic (no pesticides, no chemicals used on the cotton or hemp crops, etc.) The dyes used for the motifs and colours have the Oekotex certification and contain no heavy metals

The waterproof layer allows airflow and for the skin to breathe; there is currently no organic or ecological equivalent… but as soon as there is, you can be sure that we’ll use that instead! This part of the plim is far less polluting than the huge quantities of plastic that we constantly throw away with the disposable liners and towels.

There’s no rayon and no chlorine in our plims, as opposed to the usual disposable products.

icone goutte bleu de plim They’re economical


When using plim, a woman spends, on average, 16€ per year, roughly 1,21€ per period.

When using disposable products, a woman throws away between 20 and 35 liners or sanitary towels per period; these products are not recycled. In a life-time, a woman uses between 10 and 20 000 sanitary towels or tampons that are thrown away.

Have you considered using washable products ?

You’ll need between 6 to 25 plims over a 7-year period, costing you roughly 12,50 € to 51€ per year! That’s far less than we might spend on chocolate in a year !

During a life-time, a woman is likely to use anything from 36 plims (light flow) to 150 plims (heavy flow) instead of 10 000 to 20 000 disposable products.

 icone goutte rose de plim Coloured and joy

You’ll find a range of plims to suit your taste - coloured and fun, sober or chic –to help you make these moments in your daily life easier and more comfortable. There is an important psychological part in accepting one’s cycle, one’s body and being able to see these moments as natural and important times in our daily lives, contributing to our well-being and forming an integral part of our life as a woman.


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