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  • Should I wash my plim by hand or machine?

    You can wash plim by hand or machine, depending on the number of machines you do in the week (no need to launch a machine for 3 towels!).
    • machine:
      After soaking or not, put your plim directly to machine with the rest of the machine, at 30-40 ° C with more environmentally friendly detergents to respect your skin and breathable membranes. No softener, no chlorine, no ironing, no tumble dryer if possible.
      The blood does not stain the rest of the machine and share great machine because it is the pressure of movements and depressions that allow to wash well.
    • hand
      After soaking the plim 3 minutes, rub with ecological soap, (fragrance free, paraben). Rub in a sense, then fold one side to the other by rubbing, turn the plim a little rubbing, rinse. It is done.
    Warning washing machine is still recommended to preserve longer your plim because rubbing too hard for hand washing will result in damaging the fibers of the fabric.
  • How to change Outside ?

    Be reassured with plim or Lunacopine there no leaks and plim absorb as much as usual with your disposable protections.
    • With pl i m
      Starting this morning, I took a plim clean folded in my bag.
      I need to change? I go to the toilet, remove and fold dirty (waterproof side (the one with the label on the outside), I eventually put in its pocket then in the bag (there will be no leakage or smell!) ... and I clip my panties under my plim
      own .... In the evening I unfold my or my plim old and I'm soaking or put them in the laundry basket or live machinery.
    • With Lunacopine
      I wash my hands before going to the bathroom, quietly I pinch the base of the Lunacopine Carefully pull, empty its contents into the WC and I put it back. I can spend a little water before returning it. Please consider the toilet with a sink or a small bottle of water. That's all! In resortant toilets, I wash my hands. It's over!
  • How to order my plim ?

    To order your plim , nothing more simple! Click on the product that interests you, choose a pattern, quantity and add to cart. Then let yourself be guided! If you hesitate on pl i m to take, check our guides:

    Find the retail ordering process here.

  • What are the methods of secure payment?

    • Credit Card with 3D Secure security system (Immediate payment)
      Your order will be processed faster. Remember to check if your bank sends a confirmation code via SMS. This allows to avoid possible credit card hacks, but this is only related to the options in your bank account. We can also take your No credit card in a very secure by calling 07 62 62 10 79
    • Bank Transfer (processing time longer depending on your bank)
  • Hard water stiffens my plim, how to relax?

    If your water is hard, it is possible that this causes an effect "cardboard" your plim. In this case, you simply leave them to dry in the open then close them, pressing them and kneading to loosen the fibers. Your plim then find their flexibility!
    Think of the anti-scale balls to slip into your machine.
  • Are the pressures of plim interfere?

    Pressure from plim not because there is always hinder a hollow space at the crotch. However if you bike or horse to advance your plim pubis on the panties or open pressures during your stroll. (do not worry the plim remain in place). The pressures are therefore non-allergenic nickel free.
  • The plim they cause itching?

    The démengeaisons are mainly due to maceration of blood and repeated friction with the plastic disposable sanitary towels. The plim is organic cotton in contact with the skin and is breathable waterproof membrane. So there is no worry of sweating, irritation or bad odor!
  • The plim are expensive!

    The plim may seem expensive, but they are fairly priced and their service life by an average of 5 years will make you money. The production cost is high because the fabric is organic and certified and manufacturing is French, in a quality sewing workshop. Your investment will quickly pay 1cycle with plim=€ 1, do the math!
  • My plim discolored or underneath the membrane is not waterproof!

    The color plim include washing and does not rub off on the rest of the load. So plim do not fade
    The membrane is waterproof and breathable membrane that sustainable technical lasts 5 years
    In these two cases..:
    • It can be an Laundry default : Use bleach, powerful stain removers, disinfectants, bleach, detergents aggressively, or washing or drying at too high temperature. Be sure to follow the usage tips and washing.
      • wash at 30 ° or 40 ° in the machine or by hand so body temperature;
      • no softening;
      • no dryer or heat sources (radiators, fireplace, ironing ...).
    • Another possibility is degradation plim blood acidity. We're unfortunately not all equal in terms of acidity of our flow during this period.
      • In this case, change your plim usually in the day, soak them immediately.
      • Try regulate your pH Talk to your doctor, your gynecologist, your midwife, dietitian or naturopath.
      • You can also try the menstrual cup .
      • You can also buy on request piece of waterproof and breathable to the size of your plim € 3. Just sew under your plim to make the holes for the pressure. Nothing complicated and remains an effective and economical solution.

    To learn more about the acidity of your body

  • My plim lost its pressure!

    Do not worry, this can happen even if it is very rare! Simply send us the following return procedure. We will refer you to more quickly repaired!
  • There is no concern with allergy or cup with plim?

    No, the menstrual cup is medical silicone, non-allergenic and neutral material.
    plim are GOTS certified organic cotton and waterproof and breathable membrane is certified Oekotex class 1 ( skin babies).


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