Incontinence pads COMFORT - men - PliM

The first men's highly absorbant, natural and washable incontinence pad - for moderate incontinence

Level 3 in the plim M.A.N. range for daily or occasional moderate urine leakage.

  • Top anatomical design providing a high level of protection: the cotton we use is very soft, enables you to move freely & suits all sizes.
  • ​​Very comfortable: made in soft flannel cotton and has a pleasant feel on your skin
  • A triple absorbant layer: in flannel cotton and hemp.
  • ​​Exclusive AIRaO® technology: ​The waterproof and breatheable layer is OEKOTEX certified: it ensures zero leakage and reduces odour-formation.
  • Économical & long-lasting: Lasts for 5 years - you save 60 to 80%.

Absorbancy : Niveau d'absorption 3

Size :

L=32,5cm, w=18,5cm at the top & 13cm at the bottom (crotch)

A new comfort experience while remaining in control

Our other men's incontinence pads:
Level 1: for light urine leakage - SIMPLY.
Level 2: the anatomical design for light to moderate urine leakage - FREEDOM incontinence protection.


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The COMFORT is organic and healthy and ensures maximum protection for moderate urine leakage

The level 3 men's protection is the solution for moderate incontience, whether it be age-related, due to a prostate operation or to stress incontinence​.

  • Comfort​able to wear: the organic cotton flannel keeps the skin soft and allows it to breathe. Helps avoid skin irritiations thanks to a waterproof layer. 
  • Anatomically designed: a men's incontinence pad specially designed for the male anatomy.
  • Healthy: Made of natural and hypo-allergenic fabric (organic cotton, hemp...) & is GOTS certified (one of the strictest quality standards). The skin's natural eco-system is protected. Ideal for sensitive skin and helps avoid skin irritations due to chemicals in certain conventional disposable pads.
  • Comfortable & thin: only 3 mm ​​thick
  • Eco-friendly AIRaO® technology:
    • An absorbant zone in the middle: The organic GOTS certified cotton & hemp fibres are naturally anti-fungal and ensure maximum and rapid absorption, helping absorb leakage and keeping you in control. 
    • The "keep dry" effect: The special cotton weave keeps the moisture away from your skin and ensures it evaporates through the breathable fabric layer. You stay dry!
    • Odeur control: The breathable fabric layer on the outer underwear side enables rapid moisture evaporation without letting the urine leak through, thereby avoiding odour formation.
    • Zero leakage: 100% waterproof thanks to a heavy metal-free fabric layer, safe for you and for the environment. OEKOTEX class 1 certified (the highest standard possible).
      You gain in comfort and in daily length of wear!​
  • Economical: lasts for 5 years and saves you up to 60 to 80%.
  • Stays in place: held in your underwear thanks to the elastic band of your underwear, the edges of the COMFORT (or wings), and a special elastic that fastens under the crotch of your underpants. The plim M.A.N will not fall out when you go to the bathroom.
  • Easy washing with the rest of your washing at 40-60°.

PliM advantages

  • years of research in collaboration with the French fabric institute to design the AIRaO® eco-friendly technology.
  • The safest and surest fabric without compromising quality, while respecting the strictest health and environmental standards.
  • 100% made in France: designed and made in Melle, in the Deux-Sèvres region, with skill and passion by the best seamstresses in France. Our ready-to-wear workshop is a high-quality fairtrade cooperative.

How to wear the PliM M.A.N. COMFORT?

  • 1/ Place the M.A.N in your underwear, with the waterproof side (the side with the label on it) facing your underwear, and the side with the slit towards your body.
  • 2/ Place the narrower part of the COMFORT​ in the crotch, under your genitals (ensure you place if far enough back to avoid leakage due to gravity.) The top of the COMFORT is held in place thanks to the elastic band of your underpants.​ 
  • 3/ Close the press-stud of the elastic under the crotch so the M.A.N does not fall out when you go to the bathroom.
  • 4/ Place your penis, and possibly your testicles, in the elastic slit.


Length: 31 cm
Width ad the widest part: 19 cm 
Width at the narrowest part: 13 cm

  • Length32.5 cm
  • Width18.5 cm
  • Thickness4 mm
  • Weight
  • Place of manufactureFabrication Française, en Poitou-charentes, avec des mains expertes et plein d'amour!


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