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During your period or moon-time and for slight urinary leakage. 

Discreet and absorbent. 


For lighter days or for the beginning or end of your period.  The double press-stud system allows you to choose the width of your plim towel and also adjust it to your underwear.

Flow: flux faible à moyen

Length: 19cm

Width of the MEDIUM plim when fastened: 5,5 or 7 cm depending on the press-stud used.

The Medium plim  is the smallest in the absorbent plim sanitary towel range and is ideal for the first or last days of your period. It’s also ideal for using with a menstrual cup.

It’s made from breathable fabric and you can use it without worrying about unpleasant odours, allergies, yeast infections, irritation or itchiness.

Comfort coupled with good protection.


Our plims are organic... very gentle on your skin, for your body and for our planet.


les serviettes hygiéniques plim sont en coton bio  Ultra soft cotton. Our plims are made using certified organic cotton


The upper (skin-side) layer is made using a very soft organic cotton. Inside, we’ve used an organic cotton layer that is highly absorbent. The bottom (panty-side) layer is made using a water-proof and breathable fabric. The dyes and prints used are certified by “Oeko-tex”, meaning that they do not contain any heavy metals or chemicals that are harmful to your body or to our planet.



plim technologie AIRaO  les serviettes hygiéniques plim sont absorbantes et imperméables   les serviettes hygiéniques plim sont micro-aérées et respirantes


How many MEDIUM plims will you need?


- For average flow, if you wash them every day by hand, you’ll need 4 to 6 Medium plims.


- If you machine wash once a week, you’ll need 6 to 9 Medium plims.


Non-contractual images, the patterns may not be in exactly the same position on the plim as this depends on the way the fabric is cut. 

The drawings and models have been registered.


Data sheet

Length19 cm
Width18 cm
Thickness2 mm
Weight18 g
Above fabricGOTS certified organic cotton
Inside fabricGOTS certified organic cotton (1 to several membranes) specially woven for excellent absorption to direct the flow in the length of the plim.
Tissus du dessousMembrane imperméable et respirante en polyester certifiée OEKOTEX
Place of manufactureFabrication Française, en Poitou-charentes, avec des mains expertes et plein d'amour!

The alternative to tampon. An intravaginal system, practical, ecological and economical!

The size is the smallest one and is recommended in the following cases:

  • your flow is low to medium (3-4 pads per day)
  • you are under 30
  • you do not have any children vaginally, (or no children)
  • for tonic vaginas , often in sports
  • to vaginas close.

    Lunette menstrual cup is certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is platinum silicone ... so no peroxide migration  and no formaldehyde. PliM chose the best brand market both in quality silicone, anatomical shape, maintenance convenience and handling, hygienic quality, value and business ethics. You can not find better today.

    You will be conquered by its great discretion and seduced by its comfort!

    Available in several colors (food safety colors). Make your choice!

    See here larger size

The menstrual cup is a real alternative to menstrual tampons much more comfortable, environmentally friendly and economical.

  • It's a small cup, a receptacle that collects blood inside of the vagina and that is positioned in the vagina, just at the base, folding it for introduced.
  • Fold in 2, put it inside, gently removed, empty it and put it back agina. Rince it with water for cleaning or lubricate it.
  • medical silicone platinum, it is neutral and inert and contains no dyes or chemicals.
  • The FDA certification recognized product safety to health.
  • Soft it adapts perfectly to your movements and anatomy. Malleable, it follows your body and respect the shape and width of the vagina.
  • It respects your vagina and lubrication, it does not dry out the vagina.
  • It is ideal for Active Women and Sportive ones (particularly for swimming, so that the chlorine rises through the wire buffer and damages your vagina).
  • Adapted to your vagina and your flow: it is as wide as your vagina and 2 sizes exist to better manage your flow.
  • It easily keeps 12 hours and you can sleep with. (tampons should not keep more than 6 hours)
  • Change it 2 times less often than a tampon. 1 to 2 times a day according to the flow.
  • Easy to care, it is washed with soap and water to clean and sterilize at the end of the cycle.
  • It last between 5 and 10 years if well maintained, so it is very profitable.

  • Compared to the other menstrual cups:
    • stem is long to those with retro-paid uterus. It is flexible so it does not interfere and does not hurt. It is not so hollow it can be cleaned easily and can be cut if necessary.
    • lunette menstrual cup is smooth and without registration in relief, allowing a perfect cleaning.
    • the ring from the top is not too thick and rigid so it does not hurt
    • flexibility and anatomical shape cutting follows the movements completely, so there is no leaks on the edges and we do feels not but remains in place even during strenuous activity.
    • the top small holes are drilled and will not clog, allowing easy removal without suction effect on the cervix.

This product do not contain, as per recipe, any substances included on the candidate list of substances of very high concern for authorisation (December 19, 2012) according to article 59 (1, 10) Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH) in amounts > 0,1 %.

Discover Lunette menstrual cup

See here lunette bigger size.

Data sheet

CE markingFDA, food and drug administration
Place of manufactureFinlande

Data sheet

Length13.5 cm
Width12 cm
Weight28 g
Above fabricGOTS certified organic cotton
Inside fabricMembrane imperméable et respirante en polyester certifiée OEKOTEX
Tissus du dessousMembrane imperméable et respirante en polyester certifiée OEKOTEX
Place of manufactureFabrication Française, en Poitou-charentes, avec des mains expertes et plein d'amour!