Box cosmétique - Peau sèche et sensible

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Thickness5 cm

Cleansing disk, removing makeup cotton , cotton sores , relaxing round the eyes, wipe ...

He deftly replaces disposable cotton that is pays so little.

  • With its soft organic cotton and hemp fleece ,
  • Economic , few enough to wash his face and remove make-up ,
  • Practical, it is ideal sided one side for cleansing milk , the syrupy products ... and on the other the organic cotton flannel for lotions , floral waters ... ( it is also used only with the 'water),
  • Ecological, it lasts at least 10 years and washes well over 300 times , even 1000 or more ...
  • Sensitive addict !

We are prefried the round rather than square , even if it takes longer to sew, it's prettier and more practical and gaining grip. No polluting viscose or polyester or microfibre ... only natural fibers of cotton and hemp.

Machine wash the rest of the machine or by hand

The Cleansing Pads have 3 layers:

  • 1 hemp fleece membrane and organic cotton (label side), ideal for cleansing when using cleansing oils, milks, creams and other more greasy products.
  • 1 breathable water proof layer in the middle to avoid your cleansing products mixing with each other and going right through to the other side. This layer also helps you to save on your cosmetics by using less. Your good cosmetics last longer and no need to get your fingers full of cream!
  • 1 layer made of cotton flannel. This is usually the coloured or patterned side. It’s ideal for finishing off your cleansing or for using cleansers and other products that are water-based and liquid… (floral waters, disinfectants ...) also ideal for toners.

The cleansing pads are made with organic cotton ... very gentle on your skin, your body and the Earth.

It avoids wasting cosmetics.

We no longer throws the cotton so little used, we save our good products and we do not put on the fingers!

Use: Pass them water or use your usual products gently. The facial skin is like silk, she puckers if rubbed too hard.

Do not pull the skin, proceed smoothly, better even ask for a moment of eye makeup remover disk to moisten the makeup, and then gently caress.

Maintenance: Once used, a little bit of water and optionally a little soap or live in the laundry basket. And direct to the wachmachine with the rest of the load. You can put them at 60 ° C from time to time to polish up, if you use fat products. (Eventually boil in a pan of water without product).

Diameter: 10 cm

Composition: 55% hemp fleece and 45% organic cotton.

Images not contractual. Drawings and registered designs. French manufacturing in a small corner of Poitou-Charentes, in a garment workshop in SCOP, socially just where the remuneration is fair and valued the work at its true value. And there are added a little love!

Data sheet

Above fabricGOTS certified organic cotton

Data sheet

Length5 cm
Width5 cm
Thickness3 cm
Weight27 g
eco certificationSlow Cosmétique
Place of manufactureFabrication Française

Data sheet


Data sheet

Length26 cm
Width7 cm
Thickness1 mm
Weight11 g
TissuCoton bio
Place of manufactureFabrication Française